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Personal Information
Marital status: Married to John Ainsworth
Three adult children, now independent of the family home.
Born 28th May 1946
1957 - 2002

My name is Zoe and I am in my seventies. I have had an interesting career in C.O.I. which was a government department making films for the government in power. They also organised events for Mrs Thatcher and I was often present when she was there. My job was looking after the press..

When I retired I trained in Person Centred Art Therapy and aI practised for a while in London. When we relocated to Somerset in 2002, I began to seriously paint in acrylic. I then joined a class at CICCIC in Taunton and when Chris Dart taught I really expanded my understanding and increased my creativity.

In 1992 in London I had aken a class in book making and it was always at the back of my creative mind and ideas popped up in my artwork from time to time. Now I undertake making a collection of handmade small art books. It is not unusual to be a collector of such books. Bristol University has a book fair selling these books by different artists in June2024 called BABE.

I operate a subscitption scheme when I send to you a personal unique hand made art book and it can be bought on my shop. One book will be posted to the recipient every two months, each one is a delightful surprise and talking point. Rather than have a painting on a wall, the artwork can be passed around to friends or given as a gift.

For my own pleasure I practice art journalling. This is a form of recording artwork in a handmade journal. I sell blank journals on my shop for those who also art journal and there are some free pages for a journal's background on my site.

Many thanks for your interest and reading this , many good wishes, Zoe X

Instagam @artythingsplus.  Artythingsplus also on Pinterest.